Multi Product Distillation Refinery

Multi Feedstock Distillation Refinery

Our work is a fractional distillation process to manufacture value-added products. We receive materials in our plant by road tankers. Material is unloaded in raw material tanks by gravity or through the pump. From storage tanks material transfers for the Filtration process, once the product is Filter then it is transferred to distillation kettles by the pump. Once the distillation kettles are filled with oil, heating will be given by Thermic fluid heaters and gradually temperature is increased. At a certain temperature, the vacuum pump will start and complete air is been removed from the distillation kettle, tower, condenser, and receiver. Due to the vacuum in the system, the distillation process will be done at a lower temperature and then the actual temperature is required. 

For example, water is distilled at 100°c, but if we distill under a vacuum, it will be distilled near to 70°c to 80°c temperature. kerosene and diesel boiling points are 140°c t0 150°c and endpoint for kerosene is 260° and endpoint of diesel is 360°, the same way our raw material initial distillation point is also near to 100° and endpoint will be above 450°, as temp increases oil converts into vapor.

Vapour will travel through the packed tower and pass through the condenser. Once the vapor is in the condenser, due to the circulation of the cooling tower water, vapor is converted into again liquid. Liquid oil is collected into receiving tanks. This way distillation work will be carried out till the entire material in the kettle is converted into vapor. As per the Cut different temp vapor can be cooled in a condenser and store separately. Sometimes 60 to 70% material will be distilled and some time times 80 to 90 % and bottom will be transferred altogether. It depends upon the crude specification

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