Bio Diesel Manufacturing Unit

Biodiesel Processing Plant/Biodiesel Manufacturing Plant

Biodiesel is a renewable alternative fuel created from vegetable oils, non edible oil and fats oil through a chemical process. the chemical process involves reaction of natural oils with an alcohol in the presence of a catalyst usually sodium hydroxide [naoh] or potassium hydroxide [koh] and then refining the mixture to create molecules which can be easily burned in a diesel engine.

Feed stock

Low grade feed stock

This includes used cooking oil, acid oil, low grade fatty acid, high ffa vegetable oil.

High grade feed stock

This includes low ffa vegetable oil ( soya, sunflower, etc.), palm stearin, high grade fatty acid & tallow oil. The glycerine phase will be discharged from bottom of the separation tank and then we will make two more products from them

Shri parth petrochem advantage:

Sr. no.CharacteristicsIs 1567 2005:
1Density, kg / m 3 20050.84.5 -0.90
2Sester content, %Min. 96.5
3Flash point (closed cup), °c120
4Water and sediment, mg / kg,Max. 500
5Kinematic viscosity at 40°c, mm2 /s3.5
6Oxidation stability at 110°c, hours min.6
7Ramsbottom carbon residue, % mass,Max. 0.05
8Sulphated ash% mass,Max. 0.02
9Sulfur, mg / kg max50
10Copper strip corrosion 3 hrs. 50°cClass 1
11Cetane number, min.51
12Acid number, mg koh/g, max.0.5
13Methanol or ethanol, % m/m,Max 0.2
14Group i metal (na+k), mg/kg,Max 5
15Group ii metal (ca+mg), mg/kg,Max 5
16Phosphorus content, mg/kg,Max 10

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