Used oil and Waste oil Refinery

1. Used Oil

Used oil is nothing but Use Lubricating oil like Engine oil , Gear oil , Hydraulic oil , etc . which we need to procure and then it is purified by Distillation process. Distillation process is carried out at High Temp and with 1 tore vacuum. There are two ways for Distillation of Used oil, one is Direct Heating through oil Fired Burner, it is very risky process and control of the temperature is big issue and Sometime temperature goes up than Boiling points of used oil also goes up and specification of oil get spoil and also in this case suddenly entire oil is converted into vapour and accident problem occurs. Furthermore due to High temp. Oxidation process is carried out in Receivers, due to Oxidation product color become Darker & Darker. Also unwanted residual products & additives also carried out during distillation. Due to Darker color we have to use more Clay with high percentage. By using more clay costing & yield of product effected and also by using high quantity of clay then in filtration process chokes problem occurs.


To avoid all such problems there are safe and suitable our developed method of indirect heating which is control by use. Now indirect heating means used oil is heated by Thermic oil which is pass-through oil fired boiler. First Thermic oil is heated in Boiler and through the pump hot oil circulation is carried to Distillation Colum. This way is very safe and we can control temp. as per our specifications.

In Used oil, there are some Impurities like Water, light solvent & additives. During the Distillation process, we have separate out water and light solvent. If we properly separate out the light solvent then it is the costliest product than Base oil. It can use as a paint solvent, Ink oil, rolling oil, and Viscosity reducers.

Used oil General specification is Boiling point Initial near to 200°c than 10 to 20 % below 300°c and rest is 300 to 400°c which is a normal condition.

2. Waste oil

This type of oils are having no specific specification, it may called Furnace oil , LDO and Industrial wash oils. Generally 80 to 90 % oils are from Furnace oil and LDO, It is called as Tank bottom oil or Sludge oil. You can get this oil from all major Oil Refinery through tender system uploaded on MSTC.Com and also on their personal website, even you can get this type of oils from Ship breaking yard. These types of oils are mixture oil Diesel, Light Viscosity oil, LDO & Furnace oil. You can separate all the oil by way of Distillation process.
To process Waste oil and Used oil we need License from Pollution Control Department and Ministry of Explosive, after completing some formalities related to Plant Design and other you can get the License easily.

For License Purpose we need below mentioned items in proper way.

Plant capacity supplied: